Contraceptive Pill Review / Request

If you have been advised by the surgery to submit a contraceptive pill review or request, please use this form.

Before prescribing you oral contraception, we will ask you some questions about your health – a GP will review your answers to ensure we prescribe safely.

Please allow minimum 3-5 working days for your prescription to be processed.

Contraceptive Pill Review / Request

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The progesterone only pill (POP) and Combined Oral Contraceptive (COCP) are taken daily and with typical use they are 91% effective preventing a pregnancy. Long acting contraception such as IUD(coil), implant and injections are better at preventing a pregnancy. None of these methods protect you against sexually transmitted infections such as herpes, chlamydia, HIV. If you are worried about STIs, for more info visit or speak to your GP.

To read more about how the oral contraception works, their benefits, side effects and risks as well as alternative contraception options such as long acting contraception visit

If you are having issues with your current contraception, please book an appointment with your GP to discuss your options further.

Before prescribing you oral contraception, we will ask you some questions about your health - a GP will review your answers to ensure we prescribe safely. Once you are prescribed the pill, it will be added to your repeat list for a total of 12 months which you can request online or via repeat prescription service in the surgery manually. After a year you will need to come back or fill a new form for a review unless there is any change earlier in your circumstances or you have any concerns.

Have you had a 'normal' period in the last 4-5 weeks? *
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Have you ever had breast cancer? *
Have you ever had gastro-intestinal (bowel) or gallbladder problems? *
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Have you ever had any other serious health conditions, illnesses, major surgery or medical treatment that we should know about? *
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If you wish to discuss any alternative contraception methods, please contact the practice to arrange an appointment.